Cross Continental Collaboration Brings Midwestern Insurance Brand to Life

July 22, 2021

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In 2020, nearly 70% of professionals strayed from their familiar in-office work environment to the uncertainty and growing pains of working from home – a feat that only about 20% of the workforce took on before the Coronavirus outbreak.** The Zoom calls. The homeschooling. “Can you see my screen?” and, “You’re muted.” became the most commonly used phrases of the new decade. 


However, with these trials came opportunities for connectivity like never before. 


At The Basement, our team turned to Emanuele “Emans” Nicoletti Serra, an up-and-coming illustrator and artist  based in Rome, Italy. Prior collaboration with Emans and the desire for eye-catching, unique work for our client, East Street Insurance, made the decision to work with a creator across the Atlantic simple.  


The Basement’s Senior Art Director, Michael Thaman, recounted his earlier work with Emans:


“I knew working with Emans meant we’d receive high-quality, budget-friendly creative. He’s  easy to work with and has a style that was perfect for the vibe we were trying to achieve. I knew I wanted to engage him as soon as possible.”


This work was unlike anything Emans had taken on before, however. The talented designer had never had his artwork brought to life through animation before. With motion in mind, Emans had to think from a multi-frame storyboard perspective and illustrate the scenes in a particular way, adding more depth to each piece. This was more of a lift than his typical jobs, but the results proved worth the effort.

While our team has commissioned artists and designers outside of The Basement before, both nationally and internationally, this project solidified our ability to squash the difficulties that often come with working from a distance. One year of working from home honed our team’s skills working screen-to-screen rather than face-to-face, further opening our eyes to just how much we can accomplish when distance is a thing of the past. For our clients, this means we will continue to find the best fit for each job, whether that be in-house, down the road or across the pond.


See the full East Street Insurance spot here.


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Uriaha Foust
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