Welcome to the neighborhood.

March 26, 2019

A fun, engaging new campaign for Schlage moves Nextdoor.


The premise for Schlage’s first campaign for Nextdoor raised a few eyebrows with even the most adventurous and creative among The Basement, Schlage and Nextdoor marketing teams. The Basement wanted to explore a different approach for advertising on Nextdoor’s private, neighborhood targeted social network with creative that didn’t even appear to be advertising. It didn’t show the product and it didn’t include a hard-sell Schlage message. In short, it wasn’t just a repurposing of existing creative. As such, exactly how would it resonate with the Nextdoor community and, most importantly, would it convert in any meaningful way?


The answer? Creative that far outpaced other home-improvement advertising on the Nextdoor platform.



Two Campaigns. One Goal.

The goal was to drive visits to and key retailers as well as increase general awareness of Schlage smart locks. Central to the messaging was the idea that the keyless entry and access control offered by Schlage smart locks make it easy to welcome visitors to the home. Specific executions focused on general messaging, the benefits of keyless entry and messaging specific to managing the increase in visitors people generally face over the holidays. A very simple, practical yet clever approach.


“We looked at the ad specifications for Nextdoor – limited character counts and no text in images – and decided that the creative had to quickly and clearly speak to the user,” says The Basement Executive Creative Director Noah Sarff.  “We crafted the messaging and the ads in a way that the creative really delivered on the best that native content has to offer. We used the space the way users did, even if it did strike everyone at first as unconventional.”


At first blush, there were concerns that the ads weren’t going to convey enough. But Nextdoor is a relatively uncluttered ad platform and so taking an innovative, “less-is-more” creative approach really resonated with the typical Nextdoor user. They are interested in DIY tips, home security, home improvement, community safety and related product innovations. The subject matter and thinking differently about how to approach the messaging (and make it more native to the platform), resulted in the right message for the platform and the audience.


A Neighbor, Not A Brand.

Not only was the work exponentially more successful than those of other home-improvement advertisers, it created extensive buzz and feedback from the Nextdoor community set the stage for the optimization of a second campaign featuring some new creative that performed equally as well.


Click-through rates to represented a four-fold increase in the key performance indicator for conversions when compared to other social media tactics. Indexed against the click-through rate for a typical Nextdoor ad, the Schlage campaign delivered 129% above benchmark.


“We were even able to optimize the creative and craft new messaging that drove click-throughs to specific retailers,” says Sarff. “Something other retailers had difficulty doing.


Even these new executions delivered well above the typical click through rate for Nextdoor. The result? Nextdoor, itself, is featuring the campaign in its own sales and marketing case-study presentations.


“Schlage’s success is simple,” concludes David Wilson, Brand Partnership Director for Nextdoor. “They posted like a neighbor, not a brand. By embracing a neighborly voice and featuring home-centric content, Schlage was able to unlock the power of Nextdoor.”



Part of the plan.

Leveraging insights to discover and take advantage of platforms like Nextdoor is part of The Basement’s integrated operating model.  It guides the day-to-day collaboration between the agency’s foundational disciplines: Business Intelligence, Account Service, Creative Services and Media.


The Basement aligns its integrated strategies with the traditional purchase funnel and uses data and insight to continually inform strategy, tactics and an ever-evolving brand narrative. Campaigns like Schlage’s Nextdoor initiative, are built upon sound, strategic optimization so that, at every turn, the work is the best it can be. And works.