Featured Artist Nick Smith

May 20, 2019

Basement Production Artist Goes Global With His Perspective And His Art.


The Basement’s own Nick Smith was recently interviewed for the Get To Know feature on He was one of the first artists chosen from across the globe to be included in this new episodic feature, in which the Australian-based purveyor of fine artists paints, inks and accessories showcases the work of established and emerging artists from around the world.



Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man


The article explores Nick’s background, his process and digs deep into exploring just what makes a graffiti writer, muralist, fine artist and ad agency Production Artist tick.  Within, Nick discusses the challenges artists face, both practically and artistically.  He also talks about the role technology and social media are playing in the advancement of art itself in all its aspects, from the point of view of both artist and advertising professional. A colorful past, an industrious present and a limitless future as seen through the eyes of a talented, dedicated, hard-working artist: that’s what Ironlak is looking to address in their new series.




From The Beginning


Nick has doodled and drawn from an early age. This ultimately led him to begin graffiti writing in 2013. In 2017, he graduated from IUPUI with a BFA in Visual Communication Design. Smith joined The Basement in spring of 2017, where today he applies his skills and talents in support of the agency’s work. He has recently begun exploring canvas as a medium for his distinctive, linear, graffiti-inspired paintings and continues to write graffiti and paint larger-than-life murals.


“Working as an artist is the perfect way to fuel my passions and explore other outlets for all that art has given me,” says a grateful Smith. “To work in collaboration with other artists and writers in a totally different kind of artistic environment has helped me grow while at the same time allowing me to contribute, through my art, to the work our agency does for our client partners. It’s very satisfying, not to mention proof that you can make a living as an artist.”


Nick’s interview is currently live on and you can view some of his other work at and at