An innovative programmatic approach to traditional media buying leads to a higher ROI for Schlage.

May 2, 2018

Whitepaper header - Schlage Programmatic TV image showing Schlage content on a phone and a TV.

More than a third of marketers are leveraging data, martech targeting tools and integrated strategies that didn’t exist five years ago—tools and strategies that have proven more effective and more cost efficient. These data strategies mean small-to-mid-sized companies can finally compete on a stage once dominated by larger marketers with their traditional buys and budgets. This insight became the foundation for an innovative, automated marketing platform created for the Schlage Lock Company by The Basement, along with resource partners: Centro, placemedia and Samba TV.


As of this writing, the program continues to collect data and evolve. This forwards a look at the situation facing the agency teams, the challenges inherent in Schlage’s marketing ecosystem and the solutions at which Schlage, The Basement and their partners collaboratively arrived.

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George Evans
George Evans
Director of Brand & Content Strategy

I'm a writer by vocation, a marketer by profession and I've been telling brand stories for nearly 40 years. The channels have changed, but the fundamentals of spinning a good yarn are timeless. Our grasp of this is why I joined The Basement in 2016, following 10 years at the helm of my own shop. We have great stories to tell.