Behind the Scenes: Schlage Product Launch Videos

June 19, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Schlage Ready for A Closeup.


Schlage looks to spotlight its line of electronic smart locks starring its newest WiFi smart deadbolt and The Basement produces. Literally.


The premier of the Schlage Encode™ WiFi Deadbolt in Q1 2019 opened an exciting new chapter in a legacy of innovation that goes back to the early 1900’s for Schlage. The Basement has been telling this story for more than 3 years, and marked this particular occasion with the development and production of an array of product videos showcasing Schlage’s complete line of electronic smart locks.



Lights. Camera. Action.

Working over the course of 9 months, including 6 weeks in production alone, The Basement team headed by Noah Sarff, ECD, Mindy McCutchan, Senior Digital Project Manager and Kelsey Connor, Senior Account Executive chronicled the integration of Schlage smart locks into today’s home-automation ecosystem. Smartphone apps. Home networks. Partnerships with major players in home automation like Key by Amazon, Ring Alarm, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Home Kit and others. The presentation of use cases for Schlage’s line of innovative smart locks. It all came together to spotlight the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage. And in a big way.


“It was no small undertaking,” says Sarff. “Sixteen videos. Three hero Schlage products to shoot along with a host of branded partner products. Three locations plus a studio. A dozen sets. A hundred product set ups. Eleven on-camera talent. One voice talent. Music. And all happening over only three weeks of shooting and post production. It was a great way for us and our client partners to spend the 2018 Holiday Season.”




On With The Show.

Those videos that have been produced are currently deployed online, excerpted in display and social channels and distributed to/through Schlage’s sales channels. As new products are finalized and make their way into the marketplace, new videos will be released. Considering the rate at which Schlage innovates, we won’t be surprised to see a few sequels in the coming months and years.