Agency Profile: Ten And Counting

November 30, 2018

Amy Kingman and Joseph Cross celebrate 10 years at The Basement.


You have the gist of it, The Basement is saluting not one, but two from our team celebrating ten-year work anniversaries. But that doesn’t even begin to do real justice to the significance of such an accomplishment, not just with regard to Amy and Joseph, but in general. According to Forbes, advertising agency turnover is about 30% per year, with the average employee staying for three years, four years, max (that last stat from the department of labor statistics, you don’t have to take our word for it). So what Amy and Joseph have accomplished is something special, indeed. And we couldn’t be more happy or appreciative.


Culture, Experience and Growth.
The three most important factors in employee satisfaction are company culture, having a fun, rewarding work experience and having the opportunity to learn and grow in one’s career. According to Amy, Creative Director and overseer of all things UX, The Basement delivers in all three areas.


“Working here is as much about the culture as it is the challenge and sense of accomplishment I feel about the work we do. It really is all of it together: life at the agency, the support we get in growing as people and professionals and the passion we all have for the great work we do together.”


For Joseph, Senior Computer Graphics Artist, it’s about work/life balance and support for the work and how we approach it.


“It’s all about respect,” says Joseph. “Respect for me as a person, an artist and then as an employee. There’s such a great balance here, with our agency leadership – with all our team, really – making sure that we each have the tools and support we need to do our jobs and enjoy doing them.”



Collaboration And Teamwork.
Both Joseph and Amy also cite their colleagues as big reasons “we keep coming back for more.”


“It’s not just that we attract people who are really good at what they do, are hard workers and are really great people,” says Amy. “ It’s that we, as an agency, seek them out. It’s part of who we are and how we’re built, with a keen eye toward how we want to evolve, grow and succeed together as a company.”


Says Joseph: “We’re all looking to learn from somebody. Always. We have that here with a culture of sharing and collaboration making things the best they can be. We’re given the time to evolve and grow. We’re given pretty much unconditional support. What else is there? There really is a feeling, companywide, that we’re all in this together.”


The Next Ten Years?
Amy is hoping for continued personal and professional development and growth and success for the agency and its client partners. Joseph is hoping that the agency continues to stay ahead of the curve as marketing innovators and from a technology standpoint, continuing to keep ahead of the pace as things evolve in a rapidly changing industry.


“And not panic when it does,” concludes Joseph.



Amy Kingman graduated from the Computer Graphics program at Purdue University and worked in the industry building her design, illustration, animation and motion graphics skills before joining The Basement in 2008. Since that time, she’s added creative direction and UX design to her repertoire and has applied those skills in service to The Basement’s clients. If she wasn’t working in advertising, Amy would work in wellness or in marketing for her cousin’s Colorado distillery. “Which, I guess, are pretty much the same thing,” she says.


Joseph Cross is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and worked as a 3D animator and motion control artist for six years before also joining the agency in 2008. In addition to his responsibilities at The Basement, Joseph is “paying it forward” as an instructor in The School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI). He would be an artist, a teacher or explore opportunities in the Ministry if he weren’t doing what he’s doing.


Congratulations, Amy and Joseph. Here’s to the next ten and many happy returns of the day!

George Evans
George Evans
Director of Brand & Content Strategy

I'm a writer by vocation, a marketer by profession and I've been telling brand stories for nearly 40 years. The channels have changed, but the fundamentals of spinning a good yarn are timeless. Our grasp of this is why I joined The Basement in 2016, following 10 years at the helm of my own shop. We have great stories to tell.