A great reflection on a great partnership.

March 18, 2019

Merchandising two new product introductions with one interactive experience.


In some capacity, members of The Basement’s creative, strategy, business intelligence and account teams have been working with the Transitions® lenses optical brand, off and on, for more than 25 years. A changing marketplace; a new, younger, more style-conscious consumer and an evolving distribution dynamic between direct sales representatives, retailers and eyecare professionals made the introduction of new Transitions style colors and style mirrors as challenging as anything anyone on the team had undertaken. Not only were we looking to reinforce Transitions Optical’s core brand message as the world’s leading provider of light intelligent lenses, we had to introduce and support two new technologies that made Transitions lenses available in four new style colors and six style mirror options.



Seeing is believing.

Demonstrating Transitions lenses in action has always been the most effective means of conveying the many benefits of the brand’s revolutionary adaptive lens technology.  The Basement previously had developed a tool for building eyeglasses online as well as a number of online resources for eyecare professionals to engage with, download and deploy to potential Transitions lenses wearers. The landing page and interactive tools developed for the Transitions style colors/style mirrors launch were no exception.


“Our goal was to systematically present the distinctive, high-fashion narrative of these two products,” says Chris Bowyer, Senior Designer for The Basement. “Keep in mind we had to do it in a way that clearly communicated the fashion aspect of both brands while also providing engaging, accurate and interactive product demonstrations that clearly communicated what each product offered and the potential impact they could have on a wearer’s experience with it.”


Ultimately, such tools impact the eyecare professional and the success of his or her practice. So the Basement integrated animation and a number of fun, interactive color and product selector tools as well as video elements that, together, quickly, easily and impactfully demonstrated just what Transitions style colors/style mirrors had in store.



All about the brand. All about the experience.

As with any marketing communications the agency creates, the focus with the Transitions style colors/style mirrors landing page was on integrating new imagery, new tools, a new experiences and new product education into an already well-established brand architecture. All of the individual experiences – a color-selector tool, a product video whose content was dictated by viewer interaction and a product demonstrator that showed how the various product formulations performed under various lighting conditions – were all part of a carefully designed user experience.


“The entire experience,” says Bowyer, was carefully organized and implemented from a user standpoint to present varying aspects of the new products in an easily navigated, logical, engaging and delightful way.”


As visitors scroll down the page, they are presented with a series of carefully curated modules, each focusing on a specific product and the various technical aspects of that product. Multi-media and interactive elements as well as engaging and delightful animations keep visitors connected and exploring the new Transitions style colors/style mirrors lenses.



A method to the madness.

At the core of this – and all – experiences created by The Basement, we employ a simple, defined process reflective of who we are, why we are, and how we approach the work we do for our client partners.


This new experience for Transitions Optical and its new Transitions style colors/style mirrors lenses has its foundations, first and foremost, in our being storytellers. From “once upon a time” to “and they lived happily ever after,” we were able to convey simply and elegantly just how Transitions is pushing the limits with these exciting new products.


Secondly, we’re constantly looking to employ innovative strategies and smart, results-driven tactics in bringing such stories to life. For Transitions, this involved exploring a narrative – and ways of telling that story – in a manner that appealed to and delivered a target audience of young, fashion-forward eyeglass wearers.


Finally, our relationship serving the Transitions brand and our genuine desire to see it succeed and grow, saw us constantly looking for ways to express ourselves and the product narrative in unique ways. It was essential that this reflected our appreciation for our relationship and our understanding of the product, the ways in which to convey the product story and in the end, our understanding of bringing these kinds of experiences to life in the digital space.


“We’re outcome focused,” concludes Chris Bowyer. “What’s the user experience? What are we trying to convey? How do we package it in a way that’s compelling and effective? What, ultimately, are we looking to achieve?  How can we optimize our work so that it keeps improving, not only with this project, but for the other work we’re doing for the brand? That’s what The Basement is all about.”

Chris Bowyer
Art Director

Chris brings more than 10 years of art direction and design experience to his role at The Basement. He loves making things with which people can interact and engage. Even more, he loves working to make these things better, whether it be a user's experience with a web tool or the communications strategy for an integrated marketing campaign. A storyteller at heart, Chris enjoys employing technology to tell those stories across a wide range of channels.

George Evans
George Evans
Director of Brand & Content Strategy

I'm a writer by vocation, a marketer by profession and I've been telling brand stories for nearly 40 years. The channels have changed, but the fundamentals of spinning a good yarn are timeless. Our grasp of this is why I joined The Basement in 2016, following 10 years at the helm of my own shop. We have great stories to tell.