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June 28, 2021

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Looking for a hands-on internship experience where your boss brings YOU cookies? Hear from account intern Emi Smith and former interns to see if life as a Dweller is right for you.


As a senior in high school, I remember the college search process feeling really overwhelming. After scouring countless university webpages, receiving my body weight in mailings and attending multiple college tours — everything felt the same. The same selling points and same statistics were repeated over and over until all the schools blended together into one. The aspect that finally set a college apart for me? The sense of community.


To me, community is essential. In college, your peers and professors largely determine the quality of your university experience. With a solid support system and advocates that constantly have your back, those 2 AM papers and final exams don’t feel so bad.


It turns out that the workplace is no different.


The quality of your professional experience is greatly impacted by your coworkers and mentors. Just like with college, the community fostered at The Basement is what really drew me into my internship. Three big differentiators make this agency stand apart from the rest: accessibility, opportunities for growth and an authentic culture.


1. The Basement is accessible.
From being a quick Google chat away from every employee, to meeting my coworkers outside for socially-distanced vanilla lattes, to having regularly scheduled meetings with the VP as an intern — this agency welcomes you with open arms. Starting an internship from an entirely remote setting, I had concerns about forming connections through a screen. While I will admit that meeting your coworkers for the first time with your bed in the background is out of the ordinary, I have felt so welcomed since day one. Brittan Semler, current campaign manager and former intern, experienced a similar culture of acceptance throughout her past two years at The Basement:


“The Basement is full of people who have your back and make sure you’re in a position where you feel fulfilled. I joined The Basement when the internship program was still in development and it actually fell through. Rather than shrugging and wishing me the best, they found a place for me as a contractor. Then, when the capacity didn’t exist to bring me on full-time to the account service team, I was welcomed with open arms to the Media, Insights & Technology team, with the ongoing reminder that I was welcome to forge my own path within the agency and choose which team and role I favored. My coworkers and supervisors valued my happiness and growth not just for the benefit of the agency, but out of genuine care for my own career journey.”


2. The Basement offers ample growth opportunities. 
As an intern, I have always felt empowered to ask questions and advocate for myself to sit in on client meetings. I’m not a design person, but could I sit in on a creative team meeting and learn? Absolutely. This agency offers one of the most malleable internships that I’ve experienced. Chase Mitchell, former creative intern turned junior graphic designer, agrees:  


“After being brought on, you’re never necessarily limited to what your title encompasses. Being a team member is an opportunity to craft your identity as a professional and I’ve always felt the unwavering support of my coworkers throughout the process. As a creative intern, the range of projects you may touch on vary from editorial graphics, to animated shorts, sprucing up pitch decks, and everything in between. The important thing to remember during all of this is to Stay Fascinated in your work – one of the core tenets of The Basement, and a universal trait shared by all Dwellers.”


From being handed real responsibilities and projects to work on, I have come to learn so much about this industry and where I fit within it. 


Head growing plants


3. The Basement’s culture is genuine.
The first day of my internship, my boss dropped (COVID-safe) cookies off at my house to celebrate me joining the team. In an effort to support the culture, every Dweller has given a short presentation about themselves to the whole agency (organized by favorite song or TV show or, in my case, the levels of Irish dancing). As an intern, I was treated no differently. Knowing that my coworkers are actually interested in getting to know me beyond my professional accomplishments has been such a unique aspect of my time at this agency. When your supervisor becomes your friend, going to work is something you look forward to each day. Allie Moffett, former intern turned account coordinator/intern supervisor, found support during an especially difficult time:


“I was the intern when COVID initially hit, so I assumed my time at the agency may come to an abrupt end as the team tried to maneuver client work/relations while shifting to fully remote work for the first time ever. While it was a struggle to be away from this supportive team, it really allowed me to see how valued I was. Many team members dropped time on my calendar to see how I was doing. Before COVID, the team sat at the lunch table together each day to catch up on life outside of our 9-5 days together. Since COVID, we’ve held many virtual happy hours, how-to classes, murder mystery quests, yoga classes and book club sessions. I truly feel like I get to work with a group of my FRIENDS every day, not just coworkers.”


I understand that, much like choosing a college, the internship application process is overwhelming. I also understand that community matters. Culture matters. And at The Basement, your coworkers become your mentors. They become your community. And it is an authentically great one to be a part of. 


Does The Basement sound like the right place for you? Check out our Careers page for the latest opportunities.


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